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Download curriculum framed in the Decision Quality context for the topics: Advisory, US History, English.

Our materials are free to use, but we ask that, if you use them professionally, that you use them with attribution. We would also like your feedback and to hear about your experiences with Decision Skills!

To learn the fundamentals for effective decision-making, check out our Decision Focus Video series and associated curriculum.

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Youth face many challenges of different types and magnitudes. These materials are designed to help them make better decisions, particularly when confronted with difficult situations. The course and accompanying curriculum also serve to help adults familiar with decision quality apply decision concepts to advisory and counseling relationships.

The primary goal of our advisory materials is to help young people make better decisions. You'll be able to enhance your effectiveness at helping students with their decision struggles. You'll gain familiarity with our proven decision framework and tools which you can pass along to your students.


Using a decision focused approach to the study of history can enhance students' experiences and learning at the same time as helping students develop greater capacity to chart their paths in life.

DEF developed this curriculum to bring the study of US history alive, like identifying alternatives to a famous leader's decision. It also provides students with important tools and skills that are critical but not commonly taught. A randomized study of incorporating decision skills in US History classrooms showed improvements in both academic scores and decision making competence.


DEF developed these lessons to enhance works of literature often taught in school. To help students think deeply about what they're reading, they leverage the choices made by characters and learn more about how to handle life's challenges.

Featured Decision Guides

Find instructions and educational information to help guide your college choice.

Subject Curriculum

Integrate Decision Skills into your Advisory, History, and English classes.

Decision Making Step by Step

The Conversations for Clarity worksheet provides a structured method for making progress toward a decision. It helps you find your weakest Decision Chain link.

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