Decision Making Step by Step

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The Conversations for Clarity worksheet ensures you are building strength in your Decision Chain.

You may find the most benefit when using this tool with a counselor. The tool supports problem-solving conversations, and it has also proven invaluable for students working through their decisions independently, after learning the Decision Chain. It uses a proven framework for making better decisions. It provides a structured conversation where responses are captured to make progress toward a decision. You may find that iterating through the process will help you reach a final decision.

The Conversations for Clarity kit can be purchased and includes:

  • Instructions
  • A worked example
  • Blank worksheets

Watch the videos below for:

  • Detailed instructions on how to complete the blank worksheet most effectively, and
  • To see a student using the worksheet to explore her decision about what college major to choose.

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Subject Curriculum

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Decision Making Step by Step

The Conversations for Clarity worksheet provides a structured method for making progress toward a decision. It helps you find your weakest Decision Chain link.

Learn the Decision Chain

The purpose of making good quality decisions is to get more of what you truly want out of life. A good decision makes sense and feels right.

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