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Bringing Decision Education into the lives of young people.

Society of Decision Educators is focused on bringing together educators with the purpose of increasing the impact of Decision Skills training.

Help youth learn to make better decisions so they can achieve more in life.

Learn the principles of Decision Quality to improve your own life.

Share the language and power of DQ with your colleagues to improve collaboration, make better decisions faster with less effort, and achieve better outcomes in your community.

Learn More about Decision Education

Explore a proven framework for making high quality decisions--Decision Quality

A Tool to Help Your Decision-Making

Use a Weight & Rate Chart to capture your values, compare your alternatives, and calculate the best option.

You gain insight into what you really want by listing your top values, weighting them, and rating the alternatives, e.g., job opportunities, college applications, car purchases, etc.

You might be surprised by the results!

Decision Quality Benefits Everyone

Applying Decision Quality improves personal and group processes and, consequently, improving personal and team decision outcomes.

When students learn these Decision Skills, they are better prepared to navigate and succeed in the high school experience and beyond.

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