Gather Useful Information

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Gathering useful information is critical for anticipating the probabilities of getting what you want in the face of an always uncertain future.

Useful information is anything we know, would like to know, or should know that might influence our decision-making but that is not under our control. This includes factual information from the past and judgments about current or future situations that help us anticipate the consequences of acting on our alternatives.

In choosing a college, for example, we would want to know what academic majors are available (factual info), what friends might also enroll (uncertain current situation), what the weather will be like (uncertain future situation).

The information we base our decisions on should be useful in the sense that it could influence our choice of alternatives. Useful information should come from credible and unbiased sources, be timely, and acknowledge uncertainty. Information about uncertainty, such as the weather conditions in 2 years, should recognize the upside and downside risks and their associated probabilities.

Too many decisions are made based on wrong or incomplete information. Consciously considering information needs and gathering useful information before we act is essential to good decision-making.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I wish I knew and how might I get it?
  • Is the information I've gathered from reliable sources?
  • Am I considering the sources of my researched statistical studies and their biases?

Ask your head:

  • How likely am I to get my most valued opportunities and goals from each school?
  • Am I giving in to laziness or reluctance?
  • Is it worth the time and effort to get more information before making my final decision?

Ask your heart:

  • Are my feelings stopping me from getting the information I want?


  • Find ways to talk with people who attend or have recently attended each of your school options.
  • Find a way to visit each school, even if it's by finding someone currently there who takes you on live tour over the phone.
  • Learn about life beyond each campus: eating establishments, convenience of amenities, local activities and culture, etc.
  • Visualize a typical week at each school and consider what information you might still be missing.

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