Commit to Follow Through

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Are you committed to your decision?

A decision is a choice plus an action. Giving yourself small goals that help make your decision a reality. For instance, Consider SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

Challenges to Commitment

Let’s breakdown some common challenges to committing to your goal, whatever that goal may be. The two main challenges are inertia and fear.


Inertia is a property of matter (Bill Nye reference, anyone?). In common terms, inertia is continuing to do what you always do. It’s the fancier word for “going with the flow.” You can get caught in a cycle of your regular activities, as if you are living on autopilot, and it often takes the emergence of a decision or opportunity to get you out of it. 

It’s within your decision power to break the inertia of non-action. It’s also in your power to create positive and constructive momentum for yourself! Click here to read about the breakdown of the Decision Chain and how to maximize the quality of your decisions. 


What’s your biggest fear? Sharks? Snakes?... Failure? 

If fear of failure sounds more like you, there’s an easy solution. What if I told you that I could guarantee that you’ll never fail! All you have to do is absolutely nothing. 

That’s the catch. Do nothing. If you never make any decisions, never apply for that internship, never go on that trip, and never take that risk, then you will never fail. 

But that’s not how life works. Letting fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of other people’s opinions inhibit your action will not help you achieve your goals. This is where DEF steps in.

Strengthening your decision with the Decision Chain can help you have confidence in the quality of your decision, and allow you to separate your decision from its outcome. There will always be uncertainties and things we cannot control, but if we can make good decisions and be confident in their quality, we can accept that sometimes we may have a bad outcome.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I ready to send in my letter accepting the school's offer?
  • Do I have the necessary means to successfully attend my chosen school and/or the solid plans to get them?

Ask your head:

  • What would stop me from saying yes to my chosen school?
  • Am I prepared for the consequences of saying yes?

Ask your heart:

  • What fears do I have that might prevent me from making my decision real and how do I address them?

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The purpose of making good quality decisions is to get more of what you truly want out of life. A good decision makes sense and feels right.

Commit to Follow Through

Commitment to follow through means that you are set to execute on your decision. It's like pulling an internal switch, and you'll do whatever it takes to make your decision real. You're ready when you're prepared with all the necessary resources like time, effort, money, and help from others. You should also ready to overcome obstacles and have a plan B prepared.

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