Decision Quality
for Counselors

Tailored workshops build Decision Quality capacities to create improved teamwork and support bringing clear solutions to challenging student problems by using Decision Skills.

You will:

Learn the fundamental concepts and language of Decision Quality

Utilize tools to meet decision makers where they are, including decision trees, weight & rate tables, various worksheets

Work better as a counseling team with unified language representing the elements of a good decision

Practice applying Decision Skills to mock decision conversations that are like real-life student situations

Help students own their decisions, including managing student behavioral challenges that undermine better decision making

A high school counselor guides students through a structured decision-making process by using DEF's Decision Workspace tool.

Decision Workspace

Straightforward and powerful. The Decision Workspace lays out the Decision Chain with guiding questions and a simple rating in a way that students find immediately accessible.

It makes the theoretical concepts tangible and applicable to a relevant decision, whether it is something a student is currently working through or a decision case that is part of classroom curriculum. The Decision Workspace is structured directly into DEF student programs like Steps to Success (9th Grade College and Career Readiness) and Healthy Lifestyle Choices (CC&R + Health). Teachers also adapt it directly into their own lesson plans.

While the Conversations for Clarity tool has more process built in and more videos supporting its use, Decision Workspace can feel like it is less work to a student--it’s not as intimidating. That may be because Conversations for Clarity was designed for adults to use with students, whereas the Decision Workspace was suggested by a counselor to use cooperatively with the students coming to see him.

8.5"x11" double-sided worksheet

Conversations for Clarity (C4C)

The Conversations for Clarity tool helps structure conversations with students who are trying to make a tough or complex decisions. You and they can clarify exactly what problem needs solving or precise decision that needs to be made. Working through the links of the Decision Chain leads opportunity to document next steps towards a solution or decision.

C4C example, directions, and worksheet

Help students own their decisions

In this video, you'll hear how a counselor at an Oregon high school leveraged the Decision Chain framework to work with her students.

Young entrepreneur describes how DEF’s framework brings clarity to the decision-making process.

Make a decision using sound reasoning

A weight and rate table helps you identify the best decision based on what's most important to you.