Decision Quality
for Teachers

Tailored workshops support bringing Decision Skills to life for students and building Decision Quality capacities in teams.

You will:

Learn the fundamental concepts and language of Decision Quality

Participate in Decision Skills activities similar to DEF's student curriculum

Utilize tools, including decision trees, weight & rate tables, and worksheets

Learn how to incorporate Decision Skills activities into your current curriculum

Apply DQ to help your team make difficult decisions

C4C example, directions, and worksheet

Teachers buy in to the value of Decision Quality

Cindy and Cameron are the kind of teachers we’d all like to have for ourselves or for our children. They have invested their lives in their students, in the high school, and in their community. They are also strong individuals with strong opinions. If what DEF was doing wasn’t working, they’d have let everyone know.

Instead, they bought in as they experienced the value. Then they provided meaningful feedback in time to help improve the 9th Grade Success class with more student case studies. They also developed curriculum for the 10th Grade Seminar and incorporated decision making skills further into career exploration (Cameron) and civil discourse (Cindy).

Check out this short video to get a sense of who they are and how they feel about Decision Education.

Cindy and Cameron share their experiences with DEF and teaching their students Decision Skills.

Better decision-making is learned

Making choices seems natural, but knowing how to make good choices is a consciously learned skill. Our brains are actually not wired to make good decisions naturally.

The ideas, methods, and tools presented this workshop are drawn from an extensive body of theory and practice across multiple disciplines including decision theory, psychology, group dynamics, mathematics, economics, and probability. They apply to any decision, simple or complex, and educators learn to recognize areas for improving existing personal and group processes and, consequently, improving decision outcomes for themselves and their teams.

When students learn these decision skills, they are better prepared to navigate and succeed in the high school experience and beyond.

Teachers, counselors, and students share experiences and ideas.

Decision Skills matter

This video talks about how DEF's Decision Skills framework improves self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and how to make better decisions, all of which are included in CASEL's SEL model.

Imagine those around you making better decisions. Students learning solid decision tools, rather than relying on instinct or trial and error, can help students have transformational experiences. Parents share stories of students at home using Decision Skills to resolve conflict and demonstrate they were thinking clearly.

Make the most of decision opportunities. Decision Skills can help improve grades, help avoid being manipulated, help friends in trouble, and more.

Make a decision using sound reasoning

A weight and rate table helps you identify the best decision based on what's most important to you.